Tank Cleaning

SRS process is Chemical – Mechanical process to clean storage tank with “No Man Entry to recover 90%-95% hydrocarbons from the residue at the bottom of storage tanks. Using “Closed loop Method” in which the media used for cleaning the tank, runs in closed circuits that circulates Oil / Sludge, with addition of Chemicals through injection nozzles designed to fit floating roof legs. This greatly benefits the environment as no emissions escape to the atmosphere and no spill out of crude oil at the tank premises and in the tank farm – Operators never get in contact with media inside the tank and consequently, have less contact with toxic and flammable liquids makes it the safest tank cleaning system.

Advantages of PCG Sludge Removal System

The only known “Tank Cleaning System” in the world, which not only cleans tanks but also pays for its cost of treatment by recovering Hydrocarbon from Deadstock back to the system.

Save Time

  • Up to 80% reduction of tank cleaning time (compared to manual)
  • In terms of speed, the process is unrivaled; we have removed in excess of 1500m3 of sludge in only 4 days, including setup and de-rigging time. Production Chemical SRS is more economical and especially applicable to larger volumes, for example, approximately 8500m3 was removed in just one week, which was sent for export, making the process not just economic but profitable for the Terminal.
  • Shorter overall tank down-time.

Environmental Friendly

  • 95% recovery of hydrocarbons
  • Minimal waste disposal is necessary
  • Minimal hydrocarbon emission to the atmosphere due to closed-loop cleaning
  • Lower consumption of water, electricity, and air

Safe Cleaning

  • Unique indexed washing pattern covers complete tank interior surface area.
  • Re-circulation of cleaning media during De-sludging.
  • No personnel inside the tank during the process.
  • No health and safety risks to workers.