Production Logging

Most of artificially produced wells has no Y-tool or dual wellhead (dual string) completion.
Therefore, it is not possible to perform Production Logging in such wells, once pump is out of the wells, well obviously can’t produce during PLT.

  • A fully autonomous spectral noise tool (SNT) is designed for recording of the full spectrum of
    noise in a wide range of frequencies and amplitude in a wellbore for determination of reservoir
    performance, behind casing flow(channeling) due to poor cement, leak points of the casing
    (integrity issues), gas or fluid breakthrough, etc, and visualization of recorded data in in-house software for subsequent interpretation of noise spectrograms.
  • Noise tools capture noise from the medium by piezoceramic sensor and records to its build
    internal memory.

We also provide the conventional spinner flowmeter/ gauges PLT without the jet pump.