Advanced EOR Technologies

We provide reservoir access & stimulation using hyper-short radius directional drilling technology.

Propriety hyper-short radius drilling technology to increase production and effectiveness of stimulation.


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Integrated Production Optimization System - SIOP

It is an INTEGRAL Solution that allows to recover huge volumes of oil that contribute significantly to the reduction of production costs in the short term with a minimum intervention of the current operational conditions.

SIOP seeks to increase production in times of crisis through the implementation of an engineering protocol that allows determining the productive capacity of the oil well, evaluating the current and future production trends of the well that will be the indication for the installation and commissioning of a combined system of measurement of multiphasic mixtures and annular pressurization, which would ensure the accelerated recovery of production in excess of 20 % of its current production.

SIOP improve and increase crude oil production, optimizing production results, in wells where this system is required.
Increase in oil production
Reduction of the oil gas ratio
Reduce the rate of depletion of reservoir energy
Increased production potential of the well
Improves Pumping Efficiency
Extends the life of subsurface equipment
Measurement of % current and accumulated water cut.



Improved efficiency of production pumps


Reduction of energy consumption


Reduction of process water treatment costs


Decrease in the presence of free gas in production lines


Lengthening of the maintenance periods of the production pumps of the wells


The installation of SIOP technology does not cause damage to current production systems

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