Advanced EOR Technologies

In partnership with Terratec Global, the leading scientific based company in pulsation & advanced
EOR technology, we’re capable of offering our clients the most efficient & advanced technologies &
solutions for maximum oil recovery & reservoir performance.

Terratec together with the Russian Military-Industrial Sector is engaged in the development and application of reactive chemistry for stimulation of production wells with viscous oil.


  • Low efficiency/lack of production from viscous and heavy oil reservoirs without stimulation;
  • Low economic efficiency of infrastructure projects for the extraction of viscous and heavy oils (CSS, SAGD, CSI, steam
  • flooding); Low technological efficiency of cold methods (CHOPS) for
  • extraction of viscous and heavy oils.


  • Production increase.
  • Minor equipment footprint.
  • Ringless operation.
  • Safe handling-standard chemical
  • usage practice, Controlled (safe) reaction.

Type of damage to be treated

  • Viscous and heavy oils:
  • Excessive skin damage
  • Some of the zones of the interval are not
  • engaged in production.

Terratec is engaged in the development and application of Super Fluid Water for EOR via injection wells with low-permeable reservoirs.


  • Waterflooding of reservoirs with different permeabilities (heterogeneity) causes irregular displacement front.
  • A large part of reserves in low-permeable formations remains unrecovered.

Solution – Super Fluid Water:

  • Low permeable reservoir:

The main share of flow channels contains capillary-bound water.

  • Mechanism of SFW: stabilizes the surface structure of the pore space due to the adsorption of the active component.
  • SFW technology unlocks capillary bound water in oil-saturated
    formations and makes it mobile

Your result: Re-extraction of reserves previously blocked in channels with low permeability, which leads to an increase in oil production.

Types of damage/reservoir to be treated

  • Low-permeable intervals which were previously unavailable for injection due to high
  • heterogeneity of permeability along with the reservoir interval; and perforation channels;
  • Decrease of permeability due to wettability reversal.


  • Does not require intervention/repair job/special equipment and personnel.
  • High-performance indicators of treatments.Noncorrosive & environmentally friendly.
  • Work effectively even with re-circulation in the injection system.
  • Lower reservoir permeability-higher efficiency. • Has no competitors in terms of “price-quality (ultra-low concentration of SFW is needed)

Terratec together with the Russian Military-Industrial Complex is engaged in the development and application of pneumo-hydro-impulse impact equipment for stimulation of production and injection wells


  • Up to 50% of the world’s oil is produced by waterflooding. However, the performance of most waterfloods (WF) is suboptimal.
  • 65% of oil is left in a reservoir on average:
  • Tremendous potential for optimization; Reduced/low injectivity is among wf issues;
  • Scaling, sand-fill and other problems and productivity:
  • Increase liquid (preferable oil) production rate;
  • Decrease/ optimize water production.


Effect of changeable pressure

Cleaning of near-wellbore zone

The shock wave, formed by a short-time throw-in of compressed gas at the wellhead, travels from. surface to bottom creating repression. A further reflection of the wave from the bottom forms a depression, which contributes swab effect and cleaning the near-wellbore zone.

Seismic effect

Long-distance impact

Multiple reflections of the shock wave from surface to bottom and back create damping oscillations of seismic frequency. Due to low-frequency seismic impact has long-distance penetration. Under a seismic field hydrophobization of mineral surface is occurred.