Artificial Lifting Systems

Discovery has vast proven experiences in the field of Sucker Rod Pumps whether supplying different varieties of manufacturers & origins or supporting our clients with our professional installation & maintenance services.
We supply top notch third party certified equipment & tools designed & selected based on our client’s operation & requirements for optimum production & reliability.

With a team of metallurgists, mechanical engineers, and application engineers who on average have over twenty years of experience in API beam pump design, manufacturing, and applications, ULT beam pumps represents the best in the industry in terms of safety, quality, performance, and reliability.

From the founders of Quinn, which was later acquired by Lufkin, 02 was founded to fulfill the growing market need for high-end, reliable downhole pumps

Q2 Artificial Lift Services (ALS) manufactures high quality individual pump parts in the Oil and Gas Industry. We offer a complete product line of barrels, plungers, fittings, accessories and heat treated tubing needed for downhole pump installations. We also provide specialized services with a fully equipped chrome shop facility: including spray weld and heat induction services. We can provide the right solution for your business.

Q2 Artificial Lift Services manufacturing facility is over 66,000 sq. ft. consisting of Lathes, CNC Hones, Grinders, Straighteners, Quality Measuring Equipment, Heat Treater. Spray Metal & Chrome Shop giving us the ability to control the product quality our customers deserve. Each Pump Shop has fechnical staff with experience in the operation of bottomhole pumps and can provide quick turnaround for most shop repairs. Each location has their own inventory to be Our internal distribution network is focused on getting the right product to the customer in the readily available for their specific customer requirements.

shortest time frame with the longest lasting product in the industry.

Founded in 1759, Ocher machinery is one of the top quality and well reputed oilfield equipment manufacturers in Russia

The plant has been pro ducing a wide range of oilfield products for downhole equipment and has capacities for manufacturing any required component parts for oil & gas production upon request.

All products are of high quality, API & ISO Certified, we make sure that our products meet all relevant standards. All products are provided with the international quality certificates.

Ocher Machinery Plant is the only Russian specialized sucker rod manufacturer, and is currently the biggest enterprise in Russia and Europe, having annual production capacity of more than million sucker rods.

Key Products:

  • Sucker Rods.
  • Polished Rods
  • Locks of Polished Rods
  • Tubing Couplings

From IRZ TEK LLC, the leading Russian company supplying oilfield electronic equipment for oil & gas industry with the following product lines:

  • Downhole monitoring systems
  • Downhole monitoring systems with flow meter
  • Downhole anti-scaling systems
  • Dual completion systems
  • Geophysical monitoring equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Submersible and ground motor control stations
  • Automated process control systems
  • Software

IRZ TEK secures 40% of the downhole (DH) monitoring systems market and 20% of the mator control stations market in Russia. Equipment of IRZ TEK is operated by such leading Russian oil producing and service companies as Lukoil, Surgutneftegas, Rosneft, Slavneft, Tatneft, Bashneft, Gaspromneft, and other. The equipment is also exported to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, IRZ TEK has achieved the strong market position and high growth dynamics thanks to high intellectual resources (in-house R&D department), advanced production facilities, integrated management system (ISO 9001:2015, IRIS) and responsibility for the products within the whole life cycle (product commissioning, servicing and repair, and training of operating companies’ staff)
THE IRZ-400 SERIES VFDs control, protect, verify parameters, and regulate rotation frequency of SRP or PCP systems arranged with surface three-phase induction or permanent magnet motors. Building up, displaying, and analyzing calculated dyno charts

Main feature of the smart VFD is that user can build up calculated dynamometer chart without dynamograph or other sensor mounted on

moving parts of the pump system. Using VFD, customer is able to CONSTANTLY MONITORING operation of the pumping equipment, as well as pump fill factor and well production


Key Features

  • Smart control algorithms for automatic well production optimization
  • Service modes for variety of production
  • scenarios, including start with stuck motor RS232/RS485 interfaces
  • Digital & analog inputs
  • Compatible with SCADA systems
  • Radio link for data transmission (GPRS). Graphic screen. .
  • Colored light indicators.
  • Data retention in case of power interruptions .
  • Archive downloading on USB drive.
  • Software update without motor shutdown using a USB drive
  • Easy setup, quick start menu,
  • Reduction of hits of the plunger over fluid
  • Capability to adjust reciprocating motion at different speed.

In partnership with PCM, a leading provider of pumping solutions for the oil and gas industry, serving the demands of heavy oil, medium-light oil, thermal EOR, dewatering, multiphase, surface transfer as well as exploration applications. It was founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of the world’s first Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP).

Today, PCM manufactures, delivers and services complete systems with one of the widest range of progressing cavity pumps in the market, covering artificial lift and surface transfer pumping.


  • Production pumps with wide range of pump hydraulics & models.
  • Horizontal shipping pumps.
  • Driveheads.
  • VFDs
  • Sand Management/ Abrasive environment.
  • High GOR Management.
  • Corrosive Environment.
  • High Viscosity Management. Thermal Well Solutions.
  • Rodless Solutions (ESPCP) for wells with high deviations or
  • SSSV.
  • Rigless Solution (Isert PCP)

Discovery designs & delivers a wide variety ESP Systems & spare parts for the most demanding
production environments, this includes:

  • ESP Pumps & Spare Parts.
  • Wellhead & Packer Penetrators.
  • Downhole Sensors for ESP.
  • Surface VSD.

In partnership with IRZ TEK, we deliver one of the most reliable downhole monitoring systems in the industry, including but not limited to:

  • ESP downhole sensors & motor adaptors with an optional stand
  • alone surface reading unit or surface acquisition board.
  • Downhole monitoring system with flowmeter.
  • ESP/PCP control stations.
  • Soft starters.

THE IRZ TMS DOWNHOLE MONITORING SYSTEMS ensure sustained real-time monitoring of all practically required downhole parameters of electrical submersible. pump (ESP) system, such as pump intake pressure and temperature, motor oil/winding temperature, motor vibrations, current leakage, and pump discharge pressure, as well as up to 24 optional parameters depending on additional equipment in use with the sensor (ie, anti-scaling electromagnetic unit, motor RPM measuring unit, etc.)

A Revolutionary, High Efficiency, Versatile Artificial Lift System

  • Pioneered by Roy R Vann
  • Roy R Vann was the first person to successfully
  • introduce the Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) technology
  • Involves Insert or Tubing Pumps, similar to conventional
  • Rod pump systems
  • Key advantages compared to Conventional rod pump system
  • Hydraulic surface drive system Initial trials in the US in 2002, with currently over 200
  • units First systems in Mexico in 2006 with currently over 75
  • units
  • Efficiently maintain and/or increase the oil production,
  • while decreasing the operating cost.

A cylindrical collector tube connected to a steel wire line is lowered through the well casing.
The fluid is automatically detected and the collector tube is immersed on a slow speed at
a programmed depth below this level.
The oil filled collector tube is then lifted to the surface at a high speed until coming close to the wellhead. The filled tube enters slowly inside the wellhead.
A sensor activates suction from the collector tube. The collector tube is lowered back into the well and the process is repeated.


  • Reactivate abandoned wells
  • Replace conventional pumping systems
  • Low-productivity wells or high pulling frequency.
  • Test inactive wells
  • Quick installation: 8 hrs.
  • Automated Equipment
  • Real-time optimization
  • Low water production (gravity segregation)
  • Without tubing, sucker rods, downhole pump
  • No Workover Unit needed to run/retrieve